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grand theft auto san andreas

GTA is an ugly, violent game. Possibly the most violent in history. It has absolutely no redeeming moral or ethical values whatsoever. You play as a horrible, violent person - whether its some generic con, some fat gangster in Miami, or an ex-gangbanger in East LA. Throughout the game, you kill innocent civilians in all manners of grotesque-ness, kill police officers with impunity, get prostitutes, deal/do drugs, lead turf wars against other gangs in their neighborhoods, and organize drive-by shootings.

Yet, a bunch of silly simulated sex made the entire world explode.

I really dont know whats going on here. Rockstar left some sex scenes in the code of GTA (very common, its hard to take stuff out without introducing bugs) but left it inaccessible. A modmaker found it and made it available for PC owners. People immediately started saying GTA has pornography in it.

Which it does... kinda. But people now are talking like GTA is all of the sudden far worse than it ever was. Sloppy reporting on the news is out of control - ABC Worlds News Tonight, an other respectable show, failed to make a distinction between the PS2 and PC version of the game, claiming that it sold 12 million copies and the mod is easily downloadable for anyone (nevermind that at least 95% of those 12 million are for PS2, which the mod doesnt apply too). I literally heard someone say on the news yesterday, "GTA is not for kids". HELLO?! It was NEVER for kids.

This is exactly the same as the nude patches for virtually every moddable game out there. Okay... not EXACTLY. Because that is stuff put in the game. But check it:

To get the nude patch of DOA Volleyball/Half-Life 2, you need to download and install a mod.
To get the sex scene in GTA SA, you need to download and install a mod.

ERM. Okay, yes - its in the PS2 game. But you need a PAR and a few hours of time to get these lame scenes. Worth it? I dont think so. Maybe some horny teenagers will go through the trouble, but who cares? Why is all this awful violence and shit okay but a little bit of simulated sex so bad? What planet do we live on?

Some people have said Rockstar deserves this for leaving the content in. I disagree. This is bullshit and nobody deserves it. Its just stupid, and Im almost as embarrassed about this as I was about that Janet Jackson Super Bowl thing. Two completely unnecessary, stupid things.

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